Who Am I? What is this site?

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Z8zplt6EQcqk66niGYfg8g_thumb_965Hello there!

My name is Icess, and I am a Houston-based yogi.

Or at least explore my practice more.

I’d like to say that I’m an old school yogi, practicing for years and deep in my journey toward something deeper and true… that is far from the case.

I’m a person who has done home practice, visited studios, participated in yoga events, and followed a bunch of yogis on Instagram because I LOVE their pose pictures.

I started this site because, well, I like yoga and I’m restarting (actually it’s returning) to the practice a bit wiser.

This is what I’m bringing to the mat:

  • More of me. (Plus size yogi).
  • Life trauma
  • Depression and anxiety
  • My love of life
  • My love for exploration.
  • My beautiful melanin and kinky curls.
  • My writing.

The goal? I’d like to travel with my practice. I don’t want to be a teacher (yet) but I want to practice all around the world while learning about other people. I’m interested in what brings people to the practice, what kept them there, and how they grew from it.

The more immediate goals:

  • I’d like to get into down dog without grunting.
  • I’d like to FINALLY get into wheel pose.
  • And inversions because they look like so much fun.

This site will record my ups and downs and everything in between. Welcome to my journey!

If you’re into writing or knowing more about my writing, check out my other site — Dear Reader

If you’d like to work with me, fill the form below.

See you on the mat!


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