The Wow of Change

“Okay, can we do one more picture? I want to do a yoga pose.” It was raining at the SMU at Taos campus. A steady cleansing rain had popped up throughout my stay.  I had been there about a week and it was magical. It was my second time at the writing retreat and it... Continue Reading →

A week away. A yogi dream.

I've just returned from the mountains. No, literally, I've just returned from a week-long writing fellowship in the Carson National Forest and it was so delicious. I'm a writer (as you know) and it was great to get away and work on my writing for a while. I needed the space to continue on one... Continue Reading →

Things I think about while in Shavasana

The white cloth is placed over my eyes and blocks out what little light is left in the studio.  My yoga teacher (and mat sister) has turned on the soothing music, My body melts into the hardwood floor. After a challenging practice, I am rewarded with my favorite pose -- Shavasana. Called corpus pose, it's... Continue Reading →

The trauma you bring to the mat

I had practiced before my first vinyasa in years.  The practice was so that my body remembered what it was like to be in down dog, adho mukha śvānāsana. For a bit, it felt strange even though I knew I was doing it right. The form was correct and yet it took a while for... Continue Reading →

Starting my journey a little late

I had the best intentions. I really, really did. My goal was to take my yoga practice seriously and go to my nearest yoga studio often. I even purchased a Groupon to help me. Pero, no. It didn't happen that way. This is how it happened. I made lots of excuses. The studio is too... Continue Reading →

Hello, world!

And here we are. A new adventure. First off. That picture of that person doing an awesome yoga pose is NOT me. It will be one day but, alas, not today. So let me start off by telling you who I am. Hey, my name is Icess. I'm a writer, teacher, and all around regular... Continue Reading →

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