Blogging? But isn’t that a writing thing?

Hello fellow yogis!

Usually, in this space, I write about my latest practice and what I learned from it.  But I’m doing something for writers that may appeal to yogis!

I am teaching a Blogging 101 class through Houston’s WriteSpace.

The blogging class will help you not only figure out what the heck is blogging (hint, this is a blog) but how to do it. During the class we set up your blog, brainstorm blogging ideas, workshop your blog posts, learn about your potential audience, and how to be the kind of blogger you want to be.

This class isn’t just for writers. If you are a yogi who wants to start a blog, a yogi who their own business that wants to take it beyond Instagram, or you want a blog in this space that’s different than what’s out there, sign up for the class! It starts soon!

Here’s the link to sign up. 

Alright, everyone! Next post will be yoga related, I promise.


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