Tardis Pose: Doctor Who-inspired yoga things for your practice

I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. Seriously, when I had a desk at work, I used the Tardis as decoration. 

And when Hurricane Harvey took everything from my office I lamented few things. Among those things lost and wish I had back was my Funko Tardis. Man, I loved that thing.

Me at the end of a semester with everything graded and turned in. A rarity. Also, my Tardis!


And now that the Doctor is female, well, I am just counting down the days!

So imagine my surprise when I saw there were several yoga-elated Doctor Who items.  From mats to poses, here’s some Doctor Who stuff that yogi fans can get down dog on. Frankly, this the closest we’re gonna get to getting on that Tardis so Geronimo! 

Yoga Poses

Bless Yoga International as they did an amazing video of Doctor Who-inspired poses. It’s only a couple but it’s enough to get the imagination going. I’m even thinking about putting a couple of my own poses together into a flow! If I decide to do that, I’ll for sure share it with you!

On Set Yoga

During the filming of Tooth and Claw (during the Tennant era) folks on set practiced yoga. Here’s a photo from the BBC to prove it.

Donna Noble

This yogi’s name is ACTUALLY Donna Noble! And she has an INCREDIBLE story.  And if we remember Donna Noble (again Tennant era) she has left library. Yes, jokes. Yes, watch Silence in the Library.

Here, I give you the real life Donna Noble.

Yoga tights and tanks

There are so many tights and tanks inpsired by Doctor Who. Below I’ve listed some of y favorites. 

One of my favorite companions is the original of the modern era. Rose Tyler played by the talented Billie Piper. While Whovians remember her and the Doctor’s last tear-filled good bye, (HE WAS GOING TO SAY IT!) others remember her alter ego.

Bad Wolf and Bad Wolf

Well who doesn’t want to wear the Tardis on their chest! I do!

Love her or hate her, Clara was the longest running companion of the modern era until she got cocky and got her self killed. I’m still bitter.

Anyway, she is the Impossible Girl, blown into the world on a leaf. Now you can take her to your yoga practice with you.

And of course everyone needs a pair of Tardis yoga tights.  Here’s one with your basic design. Here’s another with a special appearance by the Daleks. More Daleks! When the Doctor tells you to run, you do as you’re told! And if you just want to go through space, enjoy these.

One more, just cause it’s fun. DON’T BLINK!

Yoga Mats

This one was my favorite thing to research for this post! Behold DOCTOR WHO YOGA MATS! From Amy Pond to the Tardis to Doctors 10 and 11, there are lots of Doctor Who inspired mats to chose from!

You are now adequately ready for Doctor Who! Enjoy your practice! Brilliant!

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