Melanin Yoga Project, the #YogaWakanda I didn’t know I needed.

IMG_1596 2
Prepping for our class at the Rooftop Yoga Class by the Melanin Yoga Project

Okay, so I’m going to admit something now that I’m not proud of.

I was going to skip a yoga event because the nap I was taking was way too delicious.

I’m glad I make myself get up and go because the Melanin Yoga Project’s Rooftop Yoga event was so worth the ending of the nap. The entire experience is summed up best in two words.

Yoga Wakanda.

So let’s break down MYP’s mission because it’s pretty important to why this event was organized and why I went. (Yes, other than the fact that it’s YOGA.)

Here’s is their mission from the website:

Melanin Yoga Project ™ is a non-profit organization. We connect, educate, and inspire underserved communities through yoga, wellness, and mindful living.

And here’s who they serve:

Melanin Yoga Project’s current initiative is to make yoga more accessible in underserved communities.

Earlier in the day, I had attended a summit for writers of color. So I was open to this experience for sure. Nap be damned! 

I’ve written before what it’s like to have yourself reflected back at you and Yoga Wakanda was that times 1,000.

I wasn’t prepared for all the beautiful queens and all the wonderful melanin in the place. All were loving and kind and welcoming.

IMG_1593 3
I am LIVING for their t-shirts.

I was greeted by a person so warm and welcoming that I thought she knew me. Guys, that’s what it’s like to be seen. I had forgotten how that felt.

Despite a several floor hike and being early (I live far guys so I have to leave early to be on time and also parking) I was welcomed with open arms. People introduced themselves and I was quick to make friends.

Despite the sprinkles, our emotions weren’t dampened.  In the shadow of the gorgeous downtown Houston skyline, our practice began with a warning.

“They are about to work you out.”

This isn’t a stock photo. I legit took this with my phone and this was legit our view as we asana’d our butts off.


There was no lie in that statement. The teachers —  Alex Fox and  Ahmed Nash — worked us out to an inch of our lives! Obviously, I’m kidding. Kinda. Maybe.

We started with easy peasy sun salutations and then it got real. Like real, real.

I know that it had bee a very long time since I did a vinyasa practice and dear Lord, it was a tough practice for me. It exposed some things I needed to work on in my practice and some things I needed to have adjustments for. For example, it take me a bit to go from Chaturanga Dandasana to Urdva Mukha Svanasana (up dog). Down dog still felt off on my body and I wish I had brought my blocks with me to help me adjust. Next time, I’ll bring them just in case.

But I was very proud when I finally got into Shavasana. Never have I been so ready to get into corpse pose. Here’s the thing when you get into corpse pose on a rooftop, the sky stares right back at you and somehow, you can stare into the face of forever. That was a gift and I think back to that moment every time I think of this practice.

Another gift? I made a friend!


My new mat buddy, Markesha!! She super cool and it was great talking shop with another yogi and she’s super supportive, even encouraging me during practice!

Despite having difficulty with the vinyasa, this is definitely an organization whose events   I would attend again. I’m so happy and glad I went! I got to meet some of my fellow yogis, worked out, and saw this beautiful community that I’d been looking for since moving back home.

Great day! Great practice! Great memory!


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