Things I think about while in Shavasana

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The white cloth is placed over my eyes and blocks out what little light is left in the studio.  My yoga teacher (and mat sister) has turned on the soothing music, My body melts into the hardwood floor.

After a challenging practice, I am rewarded with my favorite pose — Shavasana.

Called corpus pose, it’s a delight of a pose and it’s a time for the body to rest from the practice of challenge.

It’s also when my creative mind spins out of control.

I’m a writer and I can have an overactive imagination. Give me a word and I’ll create an entire world around it.

So here’s a list of the crazy stuff that floats into my mind while my body is resting.

Why is this floor more comfortable than my bed?

Damn, I love my mat.

I wonder what time it is in Austraila right now?

I wonder what they’re doing in Austraila now?

Man, I’m so happy I can move my body.

How can I be a better person?

I could surely go for some ice cream right now.

I wonder if she’ll give us the lavender pillows?

I like lavender because it’s purple.

Whoa! <Insert plot point to a new story>

I wish my sister would have come with me.

I am so relaxed. I have no idea how I’m going to drive home after this.

Damn, my mat is AWESOME.

I should probably invest in more yoga clothes if I’m gonna do this more often.

OH! The lavender pillows! Yes!

I REALLY want to put my legs on this wall right now but we’re not supposed to move I think. Cause corpses don’t move so…

This was a really hard practice but not harder than the one before.

Wait, it’s over. Already? Why I gots to move? Damn it!



Namaste all! Hope you liked my crazy mind!



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