A week away. A yogi dream.

I’ve just returned from the mountains.

No, literally, I’ve just returned from a week-long writing fellowship in the Carson National Forest and it was so delicious. I’m a writer (as you know) and it was great to get away and work on my writing for a while. I needed the space to continue on one of my writing projects.

But I didn’t stop my yoga practice. In fact, I believe it intensified.


Me in tree pose. Vrksasana. I was able to balance long enough for a friend to get a shot. 


The great thing about a retreat is the time to work on things you don’t get to work on during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  While I worked on writing, I also wanted to continue my practice since I had just restarted it.

So I made it a goal to do a practice every day. I used Yoga Download, which is a podcast and free to use, to follow a sequence.  I could just use my Bluetooth headphones and practice in my room and not disturb my housemates. The sequences are around 20 to 25 minutes and it’s a quick hit.

The campus where we were staying, SMU at Taos, was pretty isolated and very few people had cars so I couldn’t visit a studio like I wanted so this was pretty much it until…


Two mats, one mission — starting the day right with some asana.


I found a yoga buddy!!!

It just so happens that another one of the participants is also a yogi. Soon we would meet up in the morning and both flow with Yoga Download.  It was great to not be alone and know that there was another person on their own yoga journey.

Soon, I found myself doing things like this throughout the campus.


Strike a pose! Viparita Virabhadrasana, Photo by Leah Johnson.


I wanted to do poses and get my new found friends to take pictures of me doing them. I just wanted to see myself as art and I can’t tell you how healing it is.


I totally need to work on my wild thing pose. Camatkarasana.


As my writing practice grew, so did my yoga practice. My confidence grew, obviously, and my body started to crave it. In fact, when I didn’t practice on travel day, my muscles were tight and begged to be stretched. In fact, I had wished that I didn’t pack my mat in my checked luggage and could have done a quick practice while waiting for the plane.

I have many more stories from the week but this will do for now. The past week was a wonderful experience and I’ll be unpacking it for a while here and at my other site. Stay tuned!


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